Wharariki Beach, New Zealand

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Hello everyone! MJ here from Afven - Affordable Adventures. I hope your having a wonderful day!

My Mum aka Kiki, recently wrote a blog post about our trip to Kaiteriteri. She told you we went to Wharariki Beach for a walk to see the seal pups but today, I’d like to go more in depth.

When we first arrived it didn’t look like we’d enjoy it, but stay with me it gets better. There was a cute cafe built into an old tree. We hopped out of the car and opened the boot to get our sandwiches. On the day we went, it was quite cloudy and windy. So we just put our towels over ourselves and ate - we didn't bring any jackets!

After we finished, it was time to start our walk. It was a thin track. There we bathrooms just outside the start (which are long drops, just thought I’d tell you so you don't get surprised like we did). We went over the fence and we started walking up the big grassy hill.

We had our towels and water. We were ready to take on this abomination (I was dreading it). It took about twenty minutes over the hill but there were some fascinating creatures to see on the way. Like stick insects, bees, etc. We came to a sandy bit which let us know we were almost there!

Finally, we made it to the sand. It was white and thick sand. There were bumps and lumps of sand everywhere! We walked to a nearby cave. Since your not meant to swim, we jumped over some rocks to get into the cave. It was amazing. It looked like we were in a seashell.

We spotted a seal pup on top of the rocks, we made sure to be quiet. The sound of our footsteps on the wet sand must of woke it up because it opened its eyes, and gave us, THE DEATH STARE, haha but it was harmless. We walked back. It wasn’t what we expected but it was worth it and it didn't cost a thing!

Thanks for reading my story!

- Maddix 👦

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