Overnight in Castlepoint

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

We did a quick overnight dash out to Castlepoint this weekend. We were craving beach walks, fresh air, and some solitude. Following a recommendation, we booked Cabin 9 at Castlepoint Holiday Park.

It was basic but we loved it!

A tiny little private cabin, up on the hill with spectacular views of the beach and the lighthouse. It contained just a double bed, table and chairs and a small kitchen. Communal bathrooms and a bigger, shared kitchen are just up the steps from the cabin.

The beach itself is just a short walk away and the main road, at the entry of the holiday park, takes you up to the lighthouse.

There is one general store in town that sells the essentials and also does takeaways.

You know we’re all about affordable adventures, so we took a few groceries with us so we didn't have to eat all of our meals out. We did enjoy burgers from the general store for dinner though.

Once the sun set, we got settled in our cabin to watch the coloured light show. We had heard the lighthouse is lit up every night and it was magical! It runs every 15 minutes between sunset and midnight.

Oh and board games, we played a lot of board games!

If you’re staying in Castlepoint longer there are other places to eat, like Tinui Cafe & Bar and Castlepoint Hotel - The Whakataki, which are just a short drive away.

Castlepoint has been voted one of New Zealand’s top 10 most loved beaches and it’s perfect for a winter getaway. Check out some of the highlights at

Cabin 9, we'll be back.

- Kiki

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