Mt Holdsworth, New Zealand

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

One day when work had just become a little too demanding and stressful, I was craving some time with MJ and needed to get out of the house! We're very luck to live in the Wairarapa, a region packed full of things to do.

Mt Holdsworth, the main entrance to the eastern side of the Tararua Forest Park, is on our doorstep so we decided to shoot up there for a bush walk. We're not really the walking/hiking/tramping types but we thought, why the hell not!

A cold but beautiful day we parked and headed up to Rocky Lookout. There are other walks to do, including the one hour round tip - Donnelly Flat but we pushed for the lookout, a two hour round trip. Don't be fooled when it says you'll go on the 'Gentle Annie' path. It's not gentle, well maybe for the first five minutes but then it gets steep, uneven and on this day, muddy!

We battled up there though, I couldn't talk, I could barely breathe! I was desperately unfit and looking to my nine year old for motivation. He was actually amazing and the two of us reached the top after about an hour or so.

We were blessed with a stunning day, the view from the top was amazing and we chatted to the others who were also making the journey or those on their way back from an overnight stay at the hut. There were lots of dogs too which MJ loved. After a bite to eat and some obligatory selfies, we headed back down. That was way easier!

If you're after a free adventure for the family, check this one out for sure. Just wear the right footwear and take a drink !!!

- Kiki & MJ

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