Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Hanauma Bay was 100% the highlight of our trip to Hawaii. If you enjoy snorkelling, or just a beautiful location for a day at the beach this is a must-do. And if you don’t believe us, you might believe Barack Obama who snorkels there with his family! Not while we were there sadly …

Hanauma Bay is about a 30 minute drive from Waikiki and we don’t have our own snorkelling gear so we booked a day trip through Kaimana Tours. Of all the tour companies we researched, they were one of the most affordable and it included a shuttle pick up from your hotel and all snorkelling equipment.

A couple of things to note when you arrive at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve:

- You need to pay an admission fee but it’s very reasonable, $7.50 for adults and under 12s were free

- There will be hundreds of people

- If you need drinks and snacks, buy them at the top, there is nothing once you’re down in the bay

- Everyone must watch the eight minute safety video so allow time to line up and do that

- If you don’t like a steep walk, opt to pay a couple of dollars to get the shuttle cart down and back again

- And if you plan to leave and come back later in the day, get a stamp otherwise you might have to pay again to get back in

Once you’ve done all the admin you’re free to make your way down to the bay and find a spot. It was incredibly hot the day we were there and there isn't much shade so hiring an umbrella is a good option. Then just sit back and take it all in.

The beautiful curved bay is absolutely stunning. Clear blue ocean at the most perfect temperature, golden sand, palm trees, tropical fish and if you’re very lucky you might get to see a loggerhead turtle.

Our tour was 11am to 4pm so we got about three hours on the beach where we snorkelled, lay in the sun, ate, drank, read our books and almost decided to never return home.

It was the perfect way to end an incredible trip. Mahalo Hawaii.

- Kiki & MJ

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