Christchurch, New Zealand

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Christchurch! Believe it or not I hadn't been in about 20 years and MJ had never been so we were pretty excited to be visiting. My dad lives there now and we were joined by my brother and my sister and her family - very rare that we're all away together these days.

This was a very affordable trip for us. We booked the return flights with Air New Zealand using Airpoints and my dad runs Garden City Motel in Christchurch so that was the accommodation taken care of. We did a couple of activities though.

The Christchurch Gondola was first up.

They have various deals available for tickets, we got a couple of family passes and headed up to the summit. The views were stunning, especially once we were up the top and overlooking Banks Peninsula. It looked like you could do some walks outside around the summit but to be honest, it was so bloody windy, none of us were keen on that idea!

We did enjoy doing the Time Tunnel ride, a reconstruction of the history of the region. Once we'd seen everything, we headed back down. Because it was so windy, there was about a 10 minute period where we were stopped in the gondola until it subsided. Annoying but safety first I guess!

Rather than spend a lot at the summit restaurant, we drove over to Lyttleton and had a pie and the most amazing donuts from Glamour Cake. Get one - they are amazing!

Glamour Cake

That night MJ and I went to Wicked, the stage show at the Isaac Theatre Royal. I wanted to see it again after seeing it in London years ago, it was just as good as the first time

The following day the family flew home and MJ and I spent the day in the city doing a Tram Tour.

Pretty reasonable prices with $25 tickets for an adult and you can take up to three children with you, so MJ was free. You can hop on and off all day and you see most of the main attractions in town including stops for Punting on the Avon (we had a lovely little lunch at the Antigua Boat Shed), the Arts Centre and the Botanic Gardens.

Christchurch, you were beautiful! We'll be back soon.

- Kiki & MJ

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